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Along with optimizing key pages of a Web site for high rankings in the spidering search engines, it's usually necessary to create individual directory descriptions and submit them to the major Internet directories. Search directories are becoming just as important, if not more important, than search engines.
Some Web sites do not lend themselves to being rewritten or redesigned as necessary to achieve high rankings in the spidering search engines. Examples would be highly graphical or Flash sites. However, when submitted carefully and correctly, these sites can still achieve high rankings in the major directories such as Yahoo!, Zeal and DMOZ.

Do it right the first time!

Once a site is listed in the major directories, it can be very difficult to change the listing for a more favorable one. Because of this, it's crucial for all Web sites to be submitted to these directories by carefully following each directory's varying submission rules. HighRankings.com has years of experience submitting to Internet directories, and knows how to carefully craft directory descriptions that utilize your important keyphrases. Our descriptions have less chance of receiving unfavorable editing by directory editors, because we understand each directory's submission criteria. Where necessary, we've been very successful at appealing unfavorable descriptions at Yahoo! and DMOZ.
Directory submissions vary in price and can be utilized alone or in tandem with our traditional search engine optimization services.
Directory submissions include:
Keyphrase research to find the most appropriate keyphrases for your site;

Carefully crafted directory descriptions utilizing your most important keyphrases and geared toward each directory's specified criteria;

Category research to ensure your site is submitted to the most appropriate category in each directory.

Express Submit fees (if desired) are charged by the directories themselves, will be billed in addition to our fees. Currently, for commercial sites, Express Submit fees are necessary to be listed in Yahoo! ($299 per year). We can also submit your non-commercial pages to Yahoo! with no registration fees, however, where your budget allows, express submissions are recommended.

Please note that we no longer submit to LookSmart, as they have changed business models and are now a pay-per-click ad agency as opposed to a true directory. We don't know what other changes are in store for them in the future, nor do we personally trust them to provide the product/service that they state they will provide on their Web site. In the past, they have changed their Terms of Service at will, and it appears that there is nothing stopping them from doing so again in the future. We feel that there are too many unknown factors regarding this particular company, and therefore any small benefit a listing with them may have provided in the past, has now been negated. For many sites we are able to submit a non-commercial page of your site to the Zeal directory, which can get you a listing in all of the places that LookSmart listings appear -- without paying a pay-per-click fee.

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