With over 85% of all new visitors to a website originating from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others, it is essential that a business implement a search engine optimization campaign that allows potential customers to become active clients. While most businesses recognize the importance of good search engine rankings, very few have the knowledge or time required to ensure that their website is ranked above their competitors and is generating the traffic and revenue it should be.

With you now have the opportunity of outsourcing this intricate and complex task to an established and proven search engine optimization company which is also backed by a seasoned consultancy group (Vortech Web & Business Solutions LLC) that treats its clients as business partners not "accounts". Our in-house team of Search Engine Optimization specialists offers the very best in search engine expertise, ranking experience and customer service.


1. Exploratory Meeting: The initial consultation is scheduled. The purpose of this initial consultation is to define your market, analyze your competition and review which products and services are the key to the success of your business.

2. Market Analysis: Best Search Engine Ranking with the help of Vortech Web & Business Solutions consultants (as necessary) perform market analysis on your specific industry, unique selling points, strengths and vulnerabilities.

3. Keyword Development: Best Search Engine Ranking generates “current” and “suggested” keyword lists. Both parties agree on the keywords to be targeted for rankings.

4. Keyword Analysis: Best Search Engine Ranking will review the keyword list and begin building Meta Tags, content and code enhancements to accommodate the keywords and key phrases.

5. Initial Enhancement Implementation: Best Search Engine Ranking creates the initial customized meta tags, code and content based upon the approved keyword list and integrates them into your website.

6. Submissions: Initial submissions to search engines begin based on each search
engine’s indexing criteria.

7. Content Analysis: In addition to the initial Meta tags and submissions, a detailed website content analysis and enhancement process will be carried out to assist in further improving your website’s rankings through relevant, search engine and user friendly, enticing and relevant content which is based on optimal search engine usability guidelines and methods.

8. Additional Pages and Enhancements: We will create additional keyword-dense, content-rich extension pages for your website and seamlessly integrate them. These pages will be created to conform to the conceptual design of your website and will further improve search engine positioning.

9. Direct Inclusions: As an added value to our clients, we include direct inclusion of your website to many search engines such as MSN, Lycos, AllTheWeb,
AskJeeves, Teoma and Looksmart. This ensures correct spidering of your website.

10. Link Developer: Link popularity has become increasingly valuable in boosting your rankings. Upon request, we will contact websites that complement your company and request that they link to your website. In most cases, inbound links are increased without the need for reciprocal linking. In addition to increasing search engine rankings, these inbound links will assist with referral traffic and increase brand awareness. We carefully screen all inbound links to ensure no participation in link-farms or any other detrimental associations.

11. Reporting: Search engine ranking reports will be provided to you by a unique web area which you may use to view the reports which are updated in real-time.

12. Traffic Analysis: Best Search Engine Ranking will make available its exclusive
progress analysis consultation upon request. This traffic statistics package will
enable us to quickly and easily draw conclusions from various metrics such as traffic increases, page views, search engine referrals and keyword popularity.

13. Maintenance & Continuous Improvements: Continued service ensures that we are able to adjust and optimize your website, its indexing and keyword association according to new techniques in response to constant search engine algorithm and requirement changes.


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